Roll in and Roll Out…

The Vintage Bondwood Bar

You have selected the wedding date, Sunshine Coast venue, dress, flowers and all the other exciting elements to planning your wedding. Then suddenly you realise you don’t have a bar. Let’s be honest people love a wedding WITH a bar!!

Head Over Wheels (Bart is also a Vinyl DJ so book your DJ and bar all in the one spot!)

One increasingly popular option especially for your Sunshine Coast DIY wedding is the caravan bar. They offer an aesthetic aspect to your Tipi, Marquee, Yurt or Tent style wedding along with flexibility.

Olive & Co

Of course, some mobile catering companies will offer a bar service with their package however for those that don’t or for anyone seeking that wedding festival feel you need to look at securing a caravan bar FAST!

Gathering Events

Tinker Traveling Events w Kim

Tinker Traveling Events w Kim

Essentially caravan bars will offer the following if not more –

  • BYO drinks – Yes that’s right you can purchase all your alcohol and stock your cold-room ready for service. Check with your supplier as majority of liquor stores will purchase the alcohol back that you don’t use. Bargain! Not left with alcohol and can get money back. That doesn’t happen often!
  • Freedom – You get to choose the drinks menu. Choose what you want for YOUR wedding. Personalise it and create a wedding around you and your partner not a venue!
  • No Per head costs – You have guests not drinking alcohol but must pay for them? Not fair!! Choosing a caravan bar allows you to pre-purchase your own drinks which means anyone having a non-alcoholic beverage you don’t have to pay and exuberant amount for.
  • Flat Rates – Caravan Bars will charge a flat fee. This will usually include set up and pack down along with their hours of service offering different hourly packages to suit your needs.
  • Insurance – Your van supplier will be insured and have all the relevant licenses such as RSA so you know you are in safe hands with professionals taking care of all the legalities.
  • Equipment – The Van will come fully equipped with glassware and any other utensils or tools that you may need. Thus, meaning you don’t have to worry about dry hiring and they will look after all the cleaning so no glass cleaning for you!
  • Bar tenders – The Van will come with staff, so you don’t need to worry about booking staff they come with the Van!
  • Guidance – The friendly staff will offer expert advice in the lead up to determine how much you will need and offer suggestions on what to serve. They are at events all the time and will know what works and doesn’t or what is popular or not. Having an expert professional on board can help keep your costs down.
  • Coffee – Some Vans, not all, so check with them first, have a coffee machine onboard. Meaning you don’t have to worry about dry hire for an urn, filling it, tea/coffee, cups and saucers. Its all there set up and ready in the van.
  • The Look – Caravan Bars offer a look to that will fit with your wedding. Each van has its own personality whether it be vintage, rustic, modern, boho.

The Vintage Bondwood Bar

When you get the feel, the look, staff, glassware, freedom, BYO which all equates to flexibility and less stress why wouldn’t you book one of these beautiful options?!

For the most part Caravan Bars will travel however we have some extortionary good looking Caravan Bars here on the Sunshine Coast who all come with highly professional, attentive and not to mention fun staff.

The Chevy Bar

We have had the pleasure of working with a few here on the Sunshine Coast and would highly recommend you get in touch if a caravan bar sounds like what you need.

  • The Vintage Bondwood Bar
  • Head Over Wheels
  • Tinker Traveling Events
  • Gathering Events
  • Lani and Lola
  • Olive & Co
  • The Chevy Bar (Not quite a caravan but similar concept and looks amazing!)