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Organizing a wedding comes with a whole new set of lingo which sometimes isn’t so easy to understand especially as planning a wedding itself can be quite overwhelming for some.

Weddings come with an array of vendors such as the venue, celebrants, photographers, cake makers, catering teams, florist and so many more. Then there is the wedding planner, wedding coordinator and a wedding stylist which many think is the same person however this is not the case.

To put your mind somewhat at ease we will explain the difference between the three,  wedding planner, wedding coordinator and a wedding stylist.  Each are very different and quite possibly you may require 2-3 of these vendors on your team for your day here is what you need to know to clarify who is who and what they each do.



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Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is your go to through the whole entire process. They are your ringleader, your confident, your side kick, your professional. They will be with you every step of the way and ensure every detail is covered. A wedding planner essentially holds your hand the entire journey and allows you to enjoy the ‘planning’ journey.


Every wedding planner is different as everyone has a differing approach to the weddings they execute, however a wedding planner can help with duties that include

  • Budget Management- Often wedding planners can secure great deals through their own contacts which in fact could save you some money!
  • A highly professional and well-respected wedding planner will have a ‘black book’ and will be able to list of and name vendors off the top of their head. Aligning suppliers that suit your style, budget, and personality.
  • RSVP tracking. Especially with Covid these days this alone can cause a sense of angst and a lot of time management.
  • Assist with finding a wedding venue.
  • Attend site meetings and meet with suppliers.
  • Transportation for both the bridal party and guests.
  • Organise accommodation or a list of local places to stay.
  • Working with the wedding stylist to create the vision for the day. Layouts and floor plans.
  • Run sheet for the day.
  • Oversees the day (on the day coordination).


Essentially a wedding planner is your best friend. This is usually a good 1-2 years of talking to someone consistently however with Covid lingering still many couples have been moving their dates forward and needing a planner to help them in a short time frame which leads us to why would you need to book a wedding planner?


  • As mentioned, you might have a very short time frame to get everything organised.
  • You are not at all an organised person.
  • You are time poor with a busy career and/or family or other commitments.
  • You find it stressful.
  • Your planning a destination wedding so choose a wedding planner that is in that region.
  • Or let’s face it some just don’t like the thought of planning a wedding. It doesn’t excite them at all and just don’t want to do it.


Wedding planners come at a cost with many hours spent planning and organising then the on the day execution, you could be look at the vicinity of $4000-$5000 plus for a professional wedding planner.


Don’t forget though wedding planners can actually save you money!!!


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On the day coordination

On the day wedding coordination means exactly that. Coordination of the actual day. You yourselves will plan all your wedding. This means collating RSVP’s, budgets, booking suppliers which can mean a lot of work as sourcing and looking for local talents, essentially planning every detail of your wedding day. You will then pass over to the wedding coordinator. Your wedding coordinator will liaise with you usually 1-2 months prior to your date and start compiling all your information to be able to plan and be prepared for coordinating your day. During this time, they may ask you questions, or have you done a certain thing which may prompt you to then do it as it’s something you had forgotten about or weren’t aware of.  A wedding coordinator is fantastic covering off on those last bits that may have been missed.

Duties can include-

  • Gathering all information from the couple.
  • Formulating a timeline of the day. This means conversing with the suppliers booked by the couple and compiling all this information.
  • Conversing with the venue.
  • Checking all elements for smooth running of the day such as water and power requirements.
  • Potentially moving items on the day- perhaps the arbour from the ceremony needs to be moved to reception or the signage needs to be moved from ceremony to repetition.


Why book an on the day wedding coordinator?

  • You don’t have the budget to book the full wedding planner service but would like some help.
  • You want a stress-free day on the day.
  • Don’t want to ask family or friends to be the contact on the day hence paying a professional.
  • By booking you will know if you missed any important bits which the coordinator will confirm everything in the lead up.
  • You really want to plan you own wedding. Something you had been dreaming of as a child but don’t want to do anything on the day.
  • The weather! If the weather is not favourable on the day whether its too hot, windy, rainy you know that you have a professional on site to make the call as to what to do in this circumstance and then work with the suppliers on the day to execute a smooth Plan B.


On the day coordination is by far the most popular and utilized service when it comes to weddings. Its most definitely a life saving service for many couples as it takes the pressure of them and their family and friends. Remember it is once in a lifetime and you want to enjoy your day as it really does go by so quickly.


A wedding coordinator can vary in price depending on the providers own packages but anywhere from $1500/$1600 upwards is average for this service depending on your location too.



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Wedding stylist

A wedding stylist is not a wedding planner/coordinator. They do not have anything to do with meetings on site with suppliers, budgets, contracts, formulating timelines and being on site all day to the end.

A wedding stylist is the visionary. They are the artistic drive that brings the beautiful aesthetics for your day. Your wedding stylist will have furniture or suppliers they work with to create your vision. They can put together the concept or build on from your own ideas. They will offer layouts and floor plans ensuring it all fits into the space on offer.

Stylists will work with you or your wedding planner to design a unique design that suits you and your partner. From the lighting to chairs and tables, to linens, candles, signage, furniture and working with the florist to tie it all in just perfectly.

A wedding stylist will come in and set it all up and take it all away. Leaving it to the professionals means it will take the pressure of yourselves and family and friends, but most of all they will make it look amazing.


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Like anything there are pros and cons to everything. Its really a matter of you as a couple weighing up your options and deciding on what you do need help with.


Fortunately, here at Maple Weddings and Events we cover all 3 services with additional packages as well. Our half day coordination is quite popular too. Our services can be found on our website.



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