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Italy meets the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Italy meets the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Take 2! The Hinterland Tourism Summer Showcase was to be held in January 2021 however Covid put a quick stop to this. Everyone rallied and take 2 happened in February 2021.


We were fortunate to showcase at two beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding venues – Mali Retreat and The Old Dairy Maleny.


The Old Dairy Maleny is an iconic Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding venue with a beautiful barn, picturesque hinterland sunsets and overlooking the sprawling hills, that is the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.


Having already set up and creating a photo shoot from take 1 of the showcase we needed to reset and come up with a new concept and design to showcase to the 1000 plus visitors.

wedding stylists
wedding stylists
wedding stylists
wedding stylists
wedding stylists

We love all aspects (well majority!) of our job as Sunshine Coast wedding planners and wedding stylists and nothing more so than collaborating with other creatives. Courtney from Fiesta Flora is a dream to work with. After we got over the disappointment of not showcasing the first time we regrouped and remained positive. We wanted to bring something to the barn that was inspiring and something with some wow factor. After tossing around some ideas, we started our mood board with colour palettes, layers and textures and came up with an ‘Italian soiree’.

Italy meets the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The Old Dairy Maleny was transformed into a mecca with terracotta tones, candle spheres, gorgeous lighting from the team at Out of the Dark event lighting and not to mention the olive grove. The beautiful soiree was aligned with terracotta pots and olive trees with sprinkles of olives and herb gardens on the table.



wedding stylists
wedding stylists
wedding stylists

The Crew

VenueThe Old Dairy Maleny

PhotographyAngela Cannavo Photography

Concept, Planning & StylingMaple Weddings and Events

Concept & Florals

LightingOut of the dark event lighting

StationaryBluebird Invitations


JewelleryUniqueness Jeweller

Bridal Gown & Grooms SuitWhen Freddy Met Lilly

Bridal MakeupBoudoir Blush

Brides Hair StylistEvalyn Parsons

Grooms HairMegan M Hair and Makeup




wedding stylists
wedding stylists
As you enter the barn of The Old Dairy Maleny you feel like you are transported to another country. Something we felt was important now with Covid. Many people are missing traveling the globe, or not being able to have their wedding abroad or guests missing out on their wedding due to travel so what better way than to bring Italy to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and be mesmerized by what you see.



wedding stylists
wedding stylists

We are so fortunate to work with so many beautiful people. All who supported each other and set up not once but twice to create such beauty and not to mention being able to meet and greet so many amazing couples who are dedicated to their wedding planning journey.A special thanks to Sunshine Coast Hinterland for supporting the annual event and ensuring the showcase did happen not only for the Sunshine Coast wedding venues and vendors but more so for the couples so everyone can keep planning their wedding day.

grazie e ci vediamo più tardi
Thank you and see you later.


10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Stylist

Choose your wedding stylist with an unequivocal YES! The most compatible stylist for you and your partner will give you both a confident feeling that they will deliver exactly what you want for your special day.

Your consultation with them is very much an interview, so you should come prepared with a list of questions for them. A well-rounded list of questions will cover all of the bases, and the answers should fill you with excitement, plus lift a burden off of your shoulders.

Read on before you meet with your stylist.

1. What Is Your Experience Level as a Wedding Stylist?

Ask what your wedding stylist’s experience level is to get a grasp on topics like these:

  • How many weddings have you planned
  • What was their budget
  • How elaborate was their wedding
  • Which was your favourite wedding to plan and why

The answers to these questions are a great way to get to know them professionally.

2. Is Our Wedding Date Available?

Your wedding date was probably chosen for a very specific reason. Inquiring as to whether the stylist’s calendar is open for your chosen date could be a deciding factor as to whether you will hire them or not. If they were highly recommended to you, they may be willing to work with your schedule to accommodate you as best they can.

3. What Is Your Rate?

Budget is a factor for many weddings. Yet it is quite a freeing feeling to be able to say that budget is no issue. This gives your wedding stylist the freedom to create exactly what you envision for your special day with no restrictions.

What are the different packages your stylist offers? The “budget is no issue” wedding may not need to nail down which package is best suited for the couple whereas weddings that are on a budget may wish to choose their package.

Packages may range from having the wedding stylist’s assistance only on the wedding day to orchestrate the event, to a mid-range involvement on their part, or to giving them full control over the planning process.

Choosing which package best suits you and your needs may come down to budget or could depend on how much time you personally have to put in and how much you desire to be a part of the planning. Sometimes it is a relief and blessing to just leave it all to the professionals. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming to some people.

4. How Much of the Process Do You Handle?

What are you personally looking for in a wedding stylist? Are you hoping to hand over as many responsibilities as possible? Or, would you rather have them there as a professional guide as you choose your own wedding fleet of worker bees?

Choosing a stylist that takes care of everything might cover hiring people like these:

  • Florist
  • Photographer
  • DJ or Band
  • Venue

Unless you already have a special florist, photographer, entertainment, and venue in mind, your stylist may be able to guide you as you choose one rather than leaving it all in their hands.

5. Do You Have a Full Staff?

Planning every detail of a wedding can be a lot for one person. When the stylist has reliable staff members, they can delegate responsibilities from the to-do list so that they are not carrying the full burden on their shoulders.

Having staff also gives them a back-up plan in the unfortunate event that they fall ill or become injured during the planning of your wedding.

6. How Do We Communicate?

As a couple who is getting married knows, communication is key! Confirming how/when you will communicate with your wedding stylist will let you both know which route of communication is expected and acceptable. Otherwise, ideas could be lost, missed, or start to get overwhelming.

When you wake up in the middle of the night wondering about the details of your wedding, such as the following, you will want to talk to your stylist about them:

  • Wedding flowers
  • Wedding colours
  • Wedding tables capes
  • Wedding trends

Being able to communicate your questions and concerns through e-mail is great because it can be a quick and easy way to convey things that are on your mind. But, speaking over the phone or in-person gives a more immediate response to your queries. Both have their place in planning a wedding.

7. How Many Weddings Do You Work on at Once?

Every couple wants to know that their big day will be pulled off without a hitch and that they will be made to feel extra special on the day of the wedding, knowing that your stylist has enough time to dedicate the necessary attention to your wedding.

8. How Organised and Thorough Are You?

It takes an incredibly organised individual (and staff) to pull off a faultless event. Asking a pointed question such as this will either have them bragging up their skillset or fumbling over their words. Either way, you will know if they are the stylist for you, or not.

9. Have You Ever Planned a Wedding at Our Venue?

Though it is not a requirement for your stylist to have previously planned a wedding at your venue, it can be a helpful bonus. Being familiar with the venue gives them the upper hand on knowing the staff, venue layout, what they do (and do not) provide, measurements of the room, etc.

Some wedding stylists prefer to only work with specific venues because they have formed a relationship with them, and working with venues that they are not familiar with can bring a negative experience on their behalf and yours.

10. What Is Your Vision for Our Wedding?

Towards the end of the meeting with your stylist, ask what their professional vision is for your wedding day to drive home whether they are a good match for you and your partner or whether you should move on to the next stylist if their vision is not inspiring enough for you.

Big Plans for the Big Day

Has this article helped you become more confident about meeting with your wedding stylist? Write your questions down before meeting with your stylist to help you stay on track and make sure that all of your concerns are covered.

If you are still searching for stylists, reach out to Maple Weddings and Events to schedule a meeting with Kristi and Naomi. This dynamic duo and their team will help you turn your dream wedding into a dreamy reality!


6 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Entertainment in Brisbane

Planning your wedding day can be overwhelming, but you don’t want the details of your entertainment to get left out. After all, you must dance the night away with your new spouse.

Choosing the right wedding entertainment can help your wedding day run smooth and stress-free.

Will you choose a live band or DJ? There are tons of factors you need to consider before making your final decision.

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on the six tips you need to know for choosing the perfect wedding entertainment in Brisbane.

1. Think About Your Venue

One of the first things you must do when thinking about wedding entertainment ideas for your wedding in Brisbane is to consider your venue. The size of your venue can help determine whether you want to have live entertainment or would rather hire a DJ for your wedding.

For example, a small venue could be challenging to accommodate a full-size band. It might even create a noise level that is too powerful and overwhelming for your guests. Instead, you could hire a single musician for a more intimate gathering.

If you are having a larger wedding, you might even prefer the ease of a DJ. You can choose your music, and the DJ can help be the voice to move you and your guests through the night.

2. Don’t Choose the Most Inexpensive Option

While choosing wedding entertainment to fit your budget is smart, don’t choose the first thing that comes your way. Your wedding music and entertainment shouldn’t be something you look for to help trim your budget.

Looking for the most inexpensive option will typically result in a less than satisfactory outcome. You get what you pay for is always the case.

Instead, make sure you do your research and talk with each vendor before making your final decision. Be sure that they offer the services you want to have at your wedding.

Looking for bands or DJs that already have wedding experience is essential. While a local band could cost much less, they aren’t going to know how to play for a wedding crowd.

3. Consider Wedding Dinner Music

Dinner is a huge part of any wedding reception, and you don’t want too much awkward silence. Instead, you want there to be music in the background of your reception to help fill the space.

One thing couples consider doing is hiring both a DJ and a live band for their special day. The live band can come for an hour to welcome your guests and play while they eat a delicious dinner. Live entertainment is exceptional for background music because it can be soothing and gives people something enjoyable to listen to while eating.

After dinner, the DJ can move the reception along with some more upbeat and popular songs that your guests will recognize. Doing this can help to get your reception party started.

Be sure to talk with your wedding planner and see what they recommend about hiring multiple forms of wedding entertainment for your special day.

4. Watch a Live Act

Are you stuck choosing between different bands or DJs for your big day? One of the easiest ways to choose your wedding entertainment is by seeing them perform live.

On paper, a live band or DJ might seem like the best option. They could check all the boxes you’re looking for to fit the needs of your wedding day. Yet, when you see them in person, they might not be what you thought they were.

By seeing potential wedding entertainment in action, you can judge how they interact with the audience, how they excite a crowd, and their overall stage presence. Doing this will help to see who the best fit for your wedding entertainment will be.

5. Craft Your Wedding Music Playlist

A primary difference between a DJ and a live band is that you can have more freedom with your wedding music. A DJ can help you craft the perfect wedding music playlist. You can work on choosing songs that you and your guests will want to listen to throughout the night.

While a live band can play songs that you enjoy, their playlists can be limited.

Once you’ve decided on your wedding entertainment for the night, you should work with them to figure out your wedding dance music. Your guests will love busting a move on the dance floor, so pick some songs that get everyone up and moving.

One of the best things to do is to create a “do not play” list. Doing this will help your DJ or live band know which songs you don’t want to hear on your special day.

6. Scope Out Reviews

The last tip in choosing the best wedding entertainment for the most magical day of your life is to scope out reviews. Whether you decide to go with a live band or DJ, be sure to look for reviews from other people who have worked with them.

The company can tell you how great they are, but can you take their word for it? Do an online search for them and see what reviews you can find regarding their services.

It is crucial to make sure that other wedding parties had a good time with their wedding entertainment services before making your final decision. You want to be sure that the vendors are on time, upbeat, listen to requests, and so much more before working with them.

Choosing Your Wedding Entertainment

As you can see, a lot goes into choosing the perfect wedding entertainment for your big day. Whether you prefer a live band or a DJ, it is up to you and your taste preferences.

Either way, you and your guests will be having a blast dancing the night away and creating lots of exceptional memories together.

If you’re looking for a wedding planner that can help manage all the details of your special day, look no further. We are ready to take on any wedding, no matter the size. Be sure to check out our packages to see which ones will fit your needs for your big day!


The Summer Showcase

Sunshine Coast Hinterland – The Old Dairy Maleny


Brought to you by – Hinterland Tourism and Maleny Wedding Festival

Well, COVID-19 has done it again. Shut Brisbane down along with our annual Sunshine Coast Summer Showcase by Hinterland Tourism Sunshine Coast which was scheduled for the 9th and 10th Jan 2021.


It is the biggest showcase on the Sunshine Coast for weddings. It is the perfect opportunity for couples to head to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland for a weekend full of love. Being able to view 10 gorgeous Sunshine Coast venues across the Sunshine Coast hinterland and meet all the many wonderful suppliers we have based on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane regions.


After a very, very rough year for those in 2020 with small business, which is what the bulk of our wedding industry here on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is, we were ready for a HUGE weekend. Ready to meet all these newly loved up couples and meet and greet those who were revisiting again after postponing their weddings in 2020. Suppliers and couples alike were all overly excited for this weekend.

The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Angela Cannavo Photography

Personally, I saw tears and many tears. I may have shed a tear or 2 myself once it was decided to postpone the event. Tears were shed for the loss of not meeting couples, the opportunity to book in weddings and keep businesses afloat, for the hours that go into preparing such an event and lastly the money spent. Those with perishables such as florists and catering teams who spent literally thousands to showcase their gorgeous works and to say they could not, was heart wrenching.


To say it has been a heartbreaking and soul-destroying weekend is an understatement. I am feeling for everyone. With so much sadness we need to flip this and make it good. So, we managed to work with the 2 venues we were at and pull off 2 STUNNING and quite different photo shoots. We were going to be sharing our love at the iconic ‘The Old Dairy Maleny’ inside their beautiful, elegant barn and over at brand new Sunshine Coast wedding venue Mali Retreat owned by Lisa Curry and Mark Tabonne which is a rustic styled barn set amongst the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland landscape.

The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Angela Cannavo Photography
The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Angela Cannavo Photography
The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Angela Cannavo Photography
The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Shae Estella Photo

One thing I have learnt is those who I did get to work alongside are ALL incredible people. The Sunshine Coast wedding community banded together to ensure all our works were displayed and did not all go to waste. With some Brisbane suppliers in lockdown, they were not able to make it up so we used our Sunshine Coast wedding supplier contacts and used locals to get the job done. I have always said for any dream to work it needs teamwork and that we did.

Our first shoot we were so fortunate to have worked alongside not one but 2 incredibly talented women who photographed our works. To have 2 photographers work alongside one another was amazing. Just shows if you get married on the Sunshine Coast you know we all have your back when it is wedding day.

Thank you to both Angela and Shae for your beautiful sneak peek galleries and sharing them so quickly.

This blog features all the love at ‘The Old Dairy Maleny’ in Maleny.

The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Shae Estella Photo
The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Shae Estella Photo
The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Shae Estella Photo

The First Crew

PhotographyAngela Cannavo Photography

VenueThe Old Dairy Maleny

Planning and StylingMaple Weddings

FloralsFiesta Flora

LightingOut of the dark lighting

StationaryBluebird Invitations


Bridal GownMarilyn Crystelle

Hair & MakeupMegan M Hair and Makeup

JewelleryDM Jewellers


The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Shae Estella Photo
The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Shae Estella Photo

The Second Crew

PhotographyShae Estella Photo

VenueThe Old Dairy Maleny

Planning and StylingMaple Weddings

FloralsFiesta Flora

LightingOut of the dark lighting

StationaryBluebird Invitations


Bridal GownMarilyn Crystelle

Hair & MakeupMegan M Hair and Makeup

JewelleryDM Jewellers


The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Angela Cannavo Photography
The Summer Showcase
Photo Credit: Angela Cannavo Photography

The Dos and Don’ts of Planning a Sunshine Coast Wedding

One of every ten weddings in Australia is a Sunshine Coast wedding. The large number of couples holding their big day here is no doubt due to the world-famous beaches and hinterland, which provide the perfect scenery for a dreamy wedding. 

Sunshine Coast Wedding Planning

Before you start planning your Sunshine Coast wedding, we’re here to give you some helpful tips. Of course, there are some essential things that you should do when planning a wedding, but also somethings you’ll want to avoid. In this article, we’ll help you plan your wedding so it can be just as you’ve always imagined it. 

Do: Find Your Venue Right Away

Although your wedding is an exciting time, there are thousands of other brides looking for Sunshine Coast wedding venues too. Venues are usually first come first serve, meaning that if you don’t plan ahead, you’ll have to postpone your wedding or settle for any available location. 

Also, you should make a practical list of what you want out of your venue and the number of guests you’ll invite. Having your checklist in mind will aid you in choosing a wedding venue that is not only beautiful but also one that works for you and your budget. 

Don’t: Forget to Follow Council Rules and Get Permits

Many couples opt for outdoor weddings on the Sunshine Coast, especially since the weather is appealing all year round. If you choose to get married on council property, such as a beach or park, make sure to get the proper permits. Just as if you were booking a venue, you will need to do this with time as they book out quickly. 

After you have the proper permits, make sure to ask about the council rules you will need to follow. Some things to keep in mind are the volume of the music, lighting, and cleanup of the property. Knowing these rules in advance will help you to plan your wedding so that it is in accordance with them. 

Do: Book Wedding Suppliers in Advance

As with booking a venue, you can book your wedding suppliers for up to 18 months in advance. It is vital to do research about potential suppliers and start contacting them as soon as you can. If possible, book your suppliers 12 months before your wedding. 

These days, the internet has plenty of resources for brides and grooms who want to plan a spectacular wedding. Wedding websites often feature reviews of venues and suppliers from past brides. Many times, you can contact suppliers directly from wedding websites to check their availability and get estimates for their services. 

Don’t: Book Your Suppliers Without Meeting With Them First

Although wedding planning can be tiring, it’s essential to make sure the suppliers you choose live up to your standards. If you aren’t happy with the DJ, photographer, or caterer, it can put a damper on your wedding day. For this reason, it is crucial to make sure you have investigated your suppliers thoroughly and that you are on the same page. 

One way to avoid disappointment is meeting with your suppliers beforehand and talking to them about your expectations. For example, explain to the photographer what you would expect the day of the wedding, the types of photos you would like, and extra services that will be needed, such as a videographer. Your clarity will help them to understand and fulfil your expectations on the wedding day, and you can be sure that they are a good fit for your wedding. 

Do: Be Considerate of Your Guests

On the day of the wedding, you will surely be too preoccupied to make sure that each guest is comfortable and having a good time. However, there are steps you can take to prevent your guests from feeling uncomfortable, especially if you have an outdoor wedding. Some practical tips include the following: 

  • Make sure to have refreshments for guests throughout the entire day, especially if you’ll be married on a hot day. 
  • Provide shaded areas and sunscreen for all 
  • Have mosquito repellent on hand, so they don’t have to feel itchy and irritated.
  • If there will be grass or sand, provide a safe place for guests to put their heels. 

Don’t: Try to Plan Your Wedding Alone

Wedding planning is an overwhelming task, and it’s hard to do it alone if you haven’t previous experience. Nowadays, hiring a wedding planner is possible with even the modest of budgets and can take a load off the bride and groom. An experienced Sunshine Coast wedding planning team can help you coordinate your big day and make the process much more successful. 

Do: Think of A Backup Plan 

When planning on an outdoor wedding, remember to have a plan B in case of rain. If you’re renting a venue, make sure to ask what their backup plan is for unfavourable weather. If you are having a wedding at the beach or park, make sure to rent a tent that fits all your guests. 

Although a backup plan may mean expanding your budget, it would undoubtedly be well worth it if it did happen to rain on your big day. With a little advanced planning, your wedding will be beautiful, come rain or shine. 

Don’t: Forget to Have Fun!

With so many things happening in one day, it can be hard to take the time to relax and enjoy yourself. However, your wedding celebration is one of the most memorable days of your life, and you want to make sure that it doesn’t disappoint. Preparing ahead and having others who can help and coordinate the day for you gives you much more time to take in the moment you waited so long for—your wedding! 

If you would like help planning or styling your wedding, don’t hesitate to contact us. With our experience and expertise, we can convert your dream Sunshine Coast wedding into a reality!


A Bride’s Guide to How to Pick a Wedding Venue: 10 Essential Tips for Ensuring It’s “The One”

How to Pick a Wedding Venue: 10 Essential Tips

Planning a wedding is tough. There is so much involved, and sometimes you don’t even know where to begin.

Choosing the right place for your wedding is usually the first step yet, one of the hardest ones. Either they all seem perfect, or none of them seems to match your needs.

No need to panic. Here is your complete guide on how to pick a wedding venue by following 10 simple steps. 

How to Pick A Wedding Venue

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing your ideal wedding venue. So, we’ve broken down the process into 10 steps that can help you choose easily.  

Don’t Procrastinate

There is so much involved when it comes to planning a wedding—the centrepieces, the flowers, the invitations, the guests, and so much more. Clearly, you want to get a jump start on things as soon as you can.

The wedding venue should come first. Don’t leave it for the last minute. Wedding venues can quickly get booked up even a year in advance.

The sooner you get started looking at places, the sooner you and your fiance will make a choice.

Look at Your Budget

Weddings are expensive, and one of the most expensive things out of the entire wedding is the venue.

Once you and your fiance have your budget figured out, research potential venues that fit within your price range and make a list, by doing so, it will help you narrow down your options and make your decision simpler.

Think About Your Guests

Keeping in mind who will be attending your wedding can help you choose the right venue.

For example, if you decided to invite a lot of people, look at venues that have enough room capacity for all your guests. The same thing applies if you choose to go with a more intimate wedding and fewer guests. In that case, a smaller venue would probably be best.

If most of your guests are flying in from out of town or if you decide to plan a destination wedding, then look into venues where your guests can have easy access to get there. Maybe look into a venue where there is plenty of hotels nearby so that the experience can be less of a hassle for your guests.

Your Wedding Theme

The theme of your wedding plays a big part when it comes to choosing a wedding venue. If you decided to go for a rural/country theme, it wouldn’t make sense for your reception to occur in a hotel, for example.

The theme of your wedding will always tie together, depending on the setting. Look into places that match the decorations, flowers, tables, and so on.

Under the sea theme? Look into venues near the beach. Maybe you want something more bohemian. If so, perhaps a garden or an open field will be the best fit.

Don’t Push Aside Your Dream Wedding

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important and memorable days of your life. Who knows how long you’ve been planning for this day. So, naturally, you want this wedding to be exactly what you dreamed of.

Try not to forget that. Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s still possible to make your dream wedding come true. So, when choosing a venue, try to picture if this venue will exceed your desires.

Yet, Be Flexible

Like we discussed before, it’s your wedding day, and it should be special regardless. That being said, there’s no such thing as perfect.

You might get frustrated because perhaps everything single little thing you wanted in your dream venue isn’t available in any of the venues you’ve looked into so far. Be adaptable and try to adjust to small changes. This will increase your options and make it easier for you to make a final choice.

Make Sure It Meets Your Needs

In other words, if there are certain services that you want at your wedding, such as an open bar or a DJ, be sure that the venues you have listed as options offer these services.

Call up the venues and ask. Take into consideration other small details that might be very important such as the curfew or noise restrictions. If you want to be dancing all night with your guests, you want to be sure you won’t have any problems arising during your wedding day.

Is it Available?

It would be such a pain to finally find a venue you like only to realise then that they don’t open the time of year you want to get married or that they’re already booked.

Once you have your list of possible wedding venues, call each one and ask for their availability. Bear in mind the month your wedding will be held and the season too. Once you find out which venues will be free for your wedding day, you’ll be able to cross out venues from your list.

Visit Them in Person

You’ve now got your options narrowed down, and you’ve called up all the venues and made sure they have all the services and provisions you’re looking for. Now, all you have to do is make a reservation and visit the venue in person.

One thing is how the venues look in photos, but another thing is to actually be there. Get to the venue and have someone give you a tour and try to visualise your wedding.

Can you see people dancing on the dance floor? Can you picture yourself cutting your wedding cake with your future spouse in that venue? Is the vibe what you wanted?

Call a Professional

Weddings are hectic and very overwhelming to plan. There’s already so much to do, and the stress of it all can be a lot to handle.

Hire a wedding planner. They have different perspectives when it comes to organising events, and they know how to scan the layout of a venue depending on the kind of wedding you want. An expert’s opinion can always make it ten times easier to make a choice.

Let’s Get Started

Follow these suggestions on how to pick a wedding venue, and we guarantee that process will be easier for you. You’ll end up finding the right venue in no time.

Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us today! We have helped many couples achieve their dream weddings according to their budget, needs, as well as desires. We would be thrilled to help you out too!


Mali Retreat Crohamhurst | Sunshine Coast Hinterland

With 2020 being such a strange and ever-changing year we felt the need to add some light and colour and bring a smile to people’s faces. Considering the events from 2020 Sunshine Coast weddings are still happening. Nothing will stand in the way of love!


Maple Weddings and Events organised a team of A grade Sunshine Coast wedding suppliers to bring our vision of colour and happiness to life.


Starring brand new Sunshine Coast wedding venue Mali Retreat based on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, owned by Lisa Curry and husband Mark Tabone, we team of creatives thought big, bold, and beautiful and just in time for the Spring season.


Sunshine Coast wedding venue Mali Retreat is open for business and taking bookings now! Mali is open to all weddings so when we say we went big, we did! We essentially shot 2 collaborative shoots in one with Lindsie and Brittany our beautiful rainbow couple and our gorgeous Nyssa and Mitchum who are local Sunshine Coast couples.


Sunshine Coast wedding suppliers

With a huge team it really was a production but also a day for Sunshine Coast wedding suppliers to have some food, drinks, catch up and have some much-needed fun!

We wanted to share Mali Retreat with Sunshine Coast wedding couples ready to plan their wedding day. Mali Retreat, Sunshine Coast wedding venue, is a beautiful barn equipped with an inside and outside bar area, beautifully landscaped grassed ceremony area, toileting facilities not to mention the acres of land for the most amazing photo opportunities. The Sunshine Coast Hinterland has so much to offer.

Sunshine Coast wedding suppliers
Sunshine Coast wedding suppliers
Sunshine Coast wedding suppliers
Sunshine Coast wedding professionals

As a team we are delighted to share our gorgeous couples, Mali Retreat and all of our creativeness with you.


We hope you enjoy, and these colours bring a smile to your face and look forward to heling you plan and style your up coming Sunshine Coast wedding.

Sunshine Coast wedding professionals
Sunshine Coast wedding professionals
Sunshine Coast wedding professionals
Sunshine Coast wedding suppliers
Sunshine Coast wedding professionals
Sunshine Coast wedding professionals

Photo Shoot Collab Crew

Venue Mali Retreat

Photography Life and Love Photography

Videography Artography Weddings

Planning & Styling Maple Weddings and Events

Florals Fiesta Flora

Linen Hire Stellar Hire

Stationary Berry and Peg

Favours/Giftboxes Paloma Candy

Wedding Cakes Zo and Co

Photobooth iShoot Photo Booth

Glamour Tents Glama Camp

Celebrant Brooke Carlyon Ceremonies

Celebrant Lisa Brereton Celebrant

Bridal Gowns Marilyn Crystelle Bridal

Tailored SuitsPete Sews

Musician Dressed byPete Sews

Hair StylistEvalyn Parsons

Makeup ArtistMegan M Hair & Makeup

Jewellery Vanessa Nock

CateringThat Pizza Guy

ServiceThe Tipsy Mare

MusicianJohn Veloso Music

Furniture and LightingFairy Tale Events & Equip 4 Hire/

HelicopterOcean View Helicopters

Cadillac Care of Mali Retreat




Model Brittany

Sunshine Coast wedding professionals
Sunshine Coast wedding professionals
Sunshine Coast wedding professionals

Photo Shoot | Pier33 | Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast

Back in February 2020 Naomi and I thought let’s do a styled photo shoot for something different and at a location outside of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. We had set up a wedding ceremony at Pier33 back in January and thought what a beautiful venue with the boats, the fresh white crispness in the function room and of course the beach just over the road.


Naomi started working on a styling concept and we both agreed to work with some vendors we hadn’t had a chance to work with or haven’t had much time to spend with, as weddings often we pass by each other so quickly we don’t get to know the vendors personally. Given the shoot would be at a beach side venue we opted for a modern, coastal shieke vibe using the soft colour tones.

January 2019, we worked with a great photographer but did not get much time with her, but we LOVED her style and thought let’s ask. So, we did! Mallory Sparkles Photography is AMAZING!!


It took us a long time to get this shoot together all thanks to Covid19. To be honest this shoot was so much work I wondered whether it was even worth doing. Man, I was wrong! Yes, I admit when I am wrong (sometimes! Haha) Mallory has sent us some sneak peaks and as a group of creatives we are all in love. Seeing just these snippets of the day I now know why we did it. Mallory is sensational and so down to earth. She is also a new mum who adores her new little fellow, so we are so thankful she came to hang out with us whilst her hubby looked after their little bub.

So, the initial styling concept was purple’s and grey as it would look amazing against the white walls in the upstairs room at Pier33 Mooloolaba……………………. ok so the photos clearly do not show this concept whatsoever!! This is where we as wedding vendors on the Sunshine Coast tell all our couples to trust your suppliers. Due to the Covid19 pandemic flower prices have escalated and our original purple backdrop of florals was going to be far too expensive especially when us vendors have been crippled by Covid, the extra expenses are not necessary. Just prior to the shoot Samia from Oh Honey Florals informed us of the costs, so we changed game plan. Given this was last minute we called on Matt from Balloons by TwistedMr to put a backdrop together for us with an idea we had. Both Samia and Matt nailed the brief to formulate our new style, so we changed the whole concept over to pastels using blues, pinks, blush, orange, whites, all the nice beautiful soft tones.
wedding ceremony at Pier33
With the entire concept changing and quite late in the planning process this affected all the suppliers, fortunately Jess from LittleJDesign worked in with the new concept with her stationary to set off our beautiful tablescape and marry in new designed welcome signs, to Sommer our beautiful celebrant who always coordinates her clothing to match in with the scheme and to her couples personalities, as did Mel from Choclate2chilli. We have worked on a few styled shoots with Mel and let her be her own creative. Each time she has done something new for her and when she showed us some pics of what she had in mind we said go for it. Mel made a cake she had not done before using macaroons and was able to create the cake using our pastel colour concept. Mel’s cake was bang on as it had a modern twist and looked amazingly beautiful in the pastels and tied in so beautifully with the rest of the styling. Not to mention it was yum as always!
wedding ceremony at Pier33
wedding ceremony at Pier33
wedding ceremony at Pier33
We were apprehensive about changing the game plan as its not at all what we had envisioned and going with a blue colour at a Hampton inspired beach style venue we did not want it to look ‘cheap and tacky’. Which sometimes using blue tones at a seaside venue can do! Anyhow we put all our trust into our collab team and my friends this is why I say trust your suppliers they know what they are doing. It all came together just beautifully.
With all the styling complete we needed models and dresses and were so appreciative of Paddington Brides coming up from Brisbane to showcase several dresses from their beautifully custom-made collection. We were fortunate to have 2 stunning models, Tiannah and Angelina and real-life couple Karis and Sam who were so much fun. Karis’ snort laugh had us all in stitches all day long. Karis does not wear much makeup ever and said she felt amazing once Megan had completed her makeup. Megan was able to use soft tones and keep Karis clean and fresh and not feel uncomfortable with layers of makeup and bright colours given she does not wear makeup often. The ladies all looked amazing especially once they were finished off with their beautiful hairstyles by Rolling Scissors. Sandi has been in the wedding industry an exceptionally long time. She just does her thing on the day and I have complete faith & trust in her work. Sandi and her daughter Ashy who she has trained were able to work in the moment. All our models entrusted the ladies, and all were so happy with their ‘look’ we even had Tiannah in tears she was so happy! Lucky her makeup had not been done at this stage!!
wedding ceremony at Pier33
Given we had started to plan this photo shoot pre Covid and were ready to shoot in March/April it has taken a long time to get here to this point. After having done a few styled shoots of late, as we are not on site with wedding as much now thanks to Covid, I was putting this to the side and was not going to worry about following through. The team of suppliers said, ‘let’s just do it as we had already started, and Naomi was keen to see it completed’. My heart wasn’t in it and everything seemed to change and go wrong so to speak so I was feeling very disheartened however we have such a supportive, strong and beautiful network of wedding suppliers in the wedding industry here on the Sunshine Coast we banded together and made it happen. If it were a wedding day, we do not have the choice to say not to worry we just have to roll with punches on the day and make sure our lovely couples have their dream wedding regardless. It is what we do.
wedding ceremony at Pier33
wedding ceremony at Pier33
wedding ceremony at Pier33
I cannot sign off from this until we say a massive thanks to Rachel from Tawny Photography and Film for jumping on board the day prior to this shoot. Our original videographer had an emergency come up and could not attend and we really wanted video to capture this beautiful venue and work the suppliers put in. Just shows even if it were your wedding day and one of your suppliers could not make it, as a team, we would ban together to ensure you had a replacement. We cannot wait to see Rachel’s work as she is simply amazing at what she does and captures so many beautiful moments in her film work.
I didn’t mention everyone in this blog as there was a quite a number of us to bring this shoot together but all I can say is I am super thankful to have Naomi on my side and to all the amazing vendors who collaborated with us to bring this shoot to life. We ate all day long with the awesome food at Pier33 Mooloolaba, let our creative flare shine and had a lot of laughs and fun all day. Just what we all needed during these ‘unprecedented’ (because we have not heard that word enough!) times.

We hope you enjoy these sneak peaks Mallory has unveiled.

wedding ceremony at Pier33
wedding ceremony at Pier33
wedding ceremony at Pier33

Photo Shoot Collab Crew

Venue Pier33

PhotographerMallory Sparkles Photography

VideographerTawny Photography & Film

Planning & StylingMaple Weddings and Events

CelebrantSommer Saunders Celebrant

FloralsOh Honey Florals


StationaryLittle J Design

Linen HireDine In Style Tablescapes

Balloon BackdropBalloons by Twisted Mr

Hair StylistRolling Scissors hairdressing

Makeup ArtistMegan M Makeup and Hair

Bridal GownsPaddington Brides

Grooms Suit Suits Direct

Transport Deluxe Kombi Service (Blue Kombi)

Model Tiannah

Model Angelina

Model Bride Karis & Groom Sam

wedding ceremony at Pier33
wedding ceremony at Pier33
wedding ceremony at Pier33

Through the eyes of a Wedding Planner

From Maple Weddings and Events | Wedding Planners



It’s glamourous. It’s beautiful. How fun. I bet it’s easy. I would love to do that. We hear these things all the time about people saying they want to become a wedding planner, or they were going to do it when they were younger.



Wedding Planners

This wedding was stunning. Emily and Adrian married April- Photo by Ash and Stone Photography.


real weddings

Jorand and James | Real Weddings


Being a wedding planner is not for the faint hearted. It’s not all glitz and glamour. Front of house is amazing. Of course, the wedding itself looks beautiful. The ceremony, reception, people. It’s all immaculate. However, the back of house behind the scenes is a very different story. Its dirty, hot and sweaty work. You need to think quickly, avert any situation when they arise – so don’t panic especially when there is blood, work long days and hours and you really need to like people!



Wedding Planners

Naomi and Kristy literally covered in sweat and dirt at a Tipi wedding.


Wedding Planners

TERRIBLE PHOTO!!! BUT as you can see as planners we are by your side all day even when it means carrying drinks and helping you in your heels!


As we embark on a new year and can’t wait to see what 2020 has install for us, we reflect on our previous year as wedding planners here on the Sunshine Coast. During ‘peak season’ we had been on site EVERY weekend at various locations around the Sunshine Coast and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. So, first thing is weddings mean weekend work. You give up precious family time and any social life you had when there are weddings on. When you are giving up many weekends and missing your own personal events you really want to ensure you love what you do.

Wedding Planners

Naomi finally having a seat when speeches are on and trying to warm up on a cool Hinterland evening! We had been on site a good 12 hours by the time this was taken!!!


Upon reflection of 2019 something that stood out for both Naomi and I was when we had a bar staff member ask us ‘why the hell we do what we do’?! She was a tad cranky and hadn’t really worked at a wedding. She didn’t quite understand the concept of the DIY wedding and the way weddings work here on the Sunshine Coast. Naomi and I were quite shocked and taken aback by what she said and how she said it that we looked at each other and didn’t really know what to say!! Not often we are left speechless!!! We had both had a fabulous day on site for this wedding and everything was cracking along as it should be so weren’t sure why she would even ask us such a question. The truth is I bloody LOVE what I do. That’s the simple answer. I am a wedding planner on the Sunshine Coast and based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland living the dream. I am a HUGE believer in do what makes you happy. We are only here for one short life so make the most of it. If we don’t, we all become that cranky sour lady who is just doing it for the sake of it and becoming unhappy or for the money. Though reality is the money in weddings isn’t that grand so if you don’t do it for the love then why do it at all!!!!! Small business is tough!!! Real Tough!!!!

Talking about $$$, this is the toughest part of being a wedding planner. We are so frequently questioned about our costings especially on the day coordination which is by far our most popular package. I often feel I have to justify myself and the pricing structure. We are small business making a living for our families and hoping we can make the wedding day for our couples AMAZING and stress free. Yes, having that help is a luxury but really, we hope you only get married once and will be the best money you ever spent. As an average we can spend 15-17 hours on site as a coordinator plus the time liaising beforehand with couples and suppliers, we can spend up to a good 30 hours for this package and with 2 of us on site. Let’s say our hourly rate won’t buy us a mansion!!! We don’t get a lunch break. We eat on the run with dirty hands and sweat. We are lucky to sit and eat dinner whilst its warm. We miss out on family time and weekends with loved ones. Sometimes we have 3 of us on site to ensure it’s everything is running smoothly and so we can jump in and help other suppliers when needed. So, therefore as a wedding planner we find this the most frustrating part of our job. We work bloody hard for our couples and love every part of being planners. The dirt, sweat, rain, hail, shine and the product of how your day comes together and you enjoy every single moment.

Wedding Planners

A photo shoot we planned and organised at The Old Maleny Dairy. (We don’t even get paid for this!!!) That’s how much we love working with Sunshine Coast based suppliers and love our job! Photo Credit – Icefeatherwind Photography.


Despite the frustration and trying to make an income I love what I do as I’m bloody good at it. Just as Naomi is fabulous at helping me and creating unique gorgeous settings. Not often people say they are good at something and it’s quite hard to say a loud, but I feel honoured and privileged when couples ask us to share their wedding day and help them as their wedding planner, on the day coordination or styling. It’s a humbling feeling being part of the journey and ensuring the day goes to plan. Virtually every wedding we do we have at least one wedding supplier comment on how hard we work as wedding planners as they don’t often see wedding planners work as hard as us. It’s comforting knowing that other wedding industry professionals see what we do and how hard we work for our couples.


Wedding Planners

A summer beach wedding- How we look at the end of a ceremony set up and pack down!


Being a wedding planner means you must be 150% organised. If you aren’t organised, then let’s face it you will never make a professional wedding planner! We can work with couples for years when helping plan a wedding from start to finish. We recommend wedding suppliers, gather quotes, work to a budget, organise invitations and guests, guests transport and accommodation, styling, catering, everything right through until the day when on site when we then become the on the day wedding coordinator. Years and months of emails, phone calls and organisation to bring this one day to life and make happy memories for the couple that will last a lifetime.


Wedding Planners

One of our gorgeous couples- Jordan and James who we helped for over 12 months plan their entire wedding day. We had so much fun along the way and their wedding day was perfect.


On the day coordination sees us working with couples’ months in advance to liaise with their booked wedding suppliers and coordinate their day. We love that the couple can sit back and enjoy their day. The boys go off fishing, swimming, play a game of golf, play pool and have a few beers whilst the girls drink bubbles, eat cheese and be pampered whilst we do the ‘dirty work’ so to speak. We are yet to walk off a wedding site not sweaty, dusty, muddy, blood blisters, blisters on our feet, barely able to walk and just smelly!



Wedding Planners

We want our brides to be pampered and smiling all day knowing they can turn up and everything is under control. – Photo- Life and Love Photography Hairdresser – Rolling Scissors.


When I say we can be on site on the day for 15 hours plus I mean it. We will help catering teams and bar staff to clear and clean, wash up, help carry drinks from the cold room, work with the MC all night to keep them on track with the run sheet we have supplied, support guests when they need help. Just recently I was just about to leave after a loooong day when a guest cut themselves with a glass. Let’s say there was a lot of worried people and a LOT of blood and vomiting. It was a nasty cut that meant I had to turn from wedding planner into ‘paramedic’ yet I don’t do blood well at all but that when adrenaline kicks in and you just gotta do what you gotta do. After a trip to hospital he was ok and was stitched up but I on the other hand was in bed the whole next day sick myself. Most likely shock as I don’t do blood and had been on site almost 20 hours by the time I left. Not so glamorous but crisis was averted and panic was overcome with calm with us on site. Though it was a long day I was so thrilled to receive a phone call from the bride thanking us for all our hard work and knowing she called all the suppliers from her wedding. It’s the small things like a simple phone call that make it all worthwhile in knowing we helped a couple along with their family and friends make memories to last a lifetime.


Wedding Planners

When you call the big guns (Amy) in and have a 3rd person site just ensures the day goes off without a hitch. We will always ensure there is enough people on site to cover your day.


Being a wedding planner can be tough at times, its exhilarating and exciting all in one. You give up your weekends, small business is not easy, constant bartering of pricing, being on your feet ALL day and night, dealing with emergencies, ensuring the safety of guests, working with industry suppliers can make for gruelling yet satisfying work. It’s the satisfaction that keeps me going, the lovely couples we can help and all the fantastic suppliers we get to work with. It’s always a team effort when we are around. Our job is made easier when working with professional wedding industry folks and is why we have a full list of recommended suppliers we like to liaise with and know will excel for your wedding day.

Wedding Planners

A slightly wet wedding with these lovely ladies and Adriana Watson Photography.


So next time that person says to us we would love to be a wedding planner we nod and smile and hope they follow their dream if that what it is!



Wedding Planners

A beautiful beachside wedding that threw us a curveball with showers on and off and a looming intense storm!!! We juggled it and made it and just beat the storm- because we work quickly!!!! One very happy bride.


Wedding Planners


Wedding Planners


Wedding Planners

We too can look glamorous! Thanks to Tara Lee Photography making us shine!

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