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Through the eyes of a Wedding Planner

From Maple Weddings and Events | Wedding Planners



It’s glamourous. It’s beautiful. How fun. I bet it’s easy. I would love to do that. We hear these things all the time about people saying they want to become a wedding planner, or they were going to do it when they were younger.



Wedding Planners

This wedding was stunning. Emily and Adrian married April- Photo by Ash and Stone Photography.


real weddings

Jorand and James | Real Weddings


Being a wedding planner is not for the faint hearted. It’s not all glitz and glamour. Front of house is amazing. Of course, the wedding itself looks beautiful. The ceremony, reception, people. It’s all immaculate. However, the back of house behind the scenes is a very different story. Its dirty, hot and sweaty work. You need to think quickly, avert any situation when they arise – so don’t panic especially when there is blood, work long days and hours and you really need to like people!



Wedding Planners

Naomi and Kristy literally covered in sweat and dirt at a Tipi wedding.


Wedding Planners

TERRIBLE PHOTO!!! BUT as you can see as planners we are by your side all day even when it means carrying drinks and helping you in your heels!


As we embark on a new year and can’t wait to see what 2020 has install for us, we reflect on our previous year as wedding planners here on the Sunshine Coast. During ‘peak season’ we had been on site EVERY weekend at various locations around the Sunshine Coast and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. So, first thing is weddings mean weekend work. You give up precious family time and any social life you had when there are weddings on. When you are giving up many weekends and missing your own personal events you really want to ensure you love what you do.

Wedding Planners

Naomi finally having a seat when speeches are on and trying to warm up on a cool Hinterland evening! We had been on site a good 12 hours by the time this was taken!!!


Upon reflection of 2019 something that stood out for both Naomi and I was when we had a bar staff member ask us ‘why the hell we do what we do’?! She was a tad cranky and hadn’t really worked at a wedding. She didn’t quite understand the concept of the DIY wedding and the way weddings work here on the Sunshine Coast. Naomi and I were quite shocked and taken aback by what she said and how she said it that we looked at each other and didn’t really know what to say!! Not often we are left speechless!!! We had both had a fabulous day on site for this wedding and everything was cracking along as it should be so weren’t sure why she would even ask us such a question. The truth is I bloody LOVE what I do. That’s the simple answer. I am a wedding planner on the Sunshine Coast and based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland living the dream. I am a HUGE believer in do what makes you happy. We are only here for one short life so make the most of it. If we don’t, we all become that cranky sour lady who is just doing it for the sake of it and becoming unhappy or for the money. Though reality is the money in weddings isn’t that grand so if you don’t do it for the love then why do it at all!!!!! Small business is tough!!! Real Tough!!!!

Talking about $$$, this is the toughest part of being a wedding planner. We are so frequently questioned about our costings especially on the day coordination which is by far our most popular package. I often feel I have to justify myself and the pricing structure. We are small business making a living for our families and hoping we can make the wedding day for our couples AMAZING and stress free. Yes, having that help is a luxury but really, we hope you only get married once and will be the best money you ever spent. As an average we can spend 15-17 hours on site as a coordinator plus the time liaising beforehand with couples and suppliers, we can spend up to a good 30 hours for this package and with 2 of us on site. Let’s say our hourly rate won’t buy us a mansion!!! We don’t get a lunch break. We eat on the run with dirty hands and sweat. We are lucky to sit and eat dinner whilst its warm. We miss out on family time and weekends with loved ones. Sometimes we have 3 of us on site to ensure it’s everything is running smoothly and so we can jump in and help other suppliers when needed. So, therefore as a wedding planner we find this the most frustrating part of our job. We work bloody hard for our couples and love every part of being planners. The dirt, sweat, rain, hail, shine and the product of how your day comes together and you enjoy every single moment.

Wedding Planners

A photo shoot we planned and organised at The Old Maleny Dairy. (We don’t even get paid for this!!!) That’s how much we love working with Sunshine Coast based suppliers and love our job! Photo Credit – Icefeatherwind Photography.


Despite the frustration and trying to make an income I love what I do as I’m bloody good at it. Just as Naomi is fabulous at helping me and creating unique gorgeous settings. Not often people say they are good at something and it’s quite hard to say a loud, but I feel honoured and privileged when couples ask us to share their wedding day and help them as their wedding planner, on the day coordination or styling. It’s a humbling feeling being part of the journey and ensuring the day goes to plan. Virtually every wedding we do we have at least one wedding supplier comment on how hard we work as wedding planners as they don’t often see wedding planners work as hard as us. It’s comforting knowing that other wedding industry professionals see what we do and how hard we work for our couples.


Wedding Planners

A summer beach wedding- How we look at the end of a ceremony set up and pack down!


Being a wedding planner means you must be 150% organised. If you aren’t organised, then let’s face it you will never make a professional wedding planner! We can work with couples for years when helping plan a wedding from start to finish. We recommend wedding suppliers, gather quotes, work to a budget, organise invitations and guests, guests transport and accommodation, styling, catering, everything right through until the day when on site when we then become the on the day wedding coordinator. Years and months of emails, phone calls and organisation to bring this one day to life and make happy memories for the couple that will last a lifetime.


Wedding Planners

One of our gorgeous couples- Jordan and James who we helped for over 12 months plan their entire wedding day. We had so much fun along the way and their wedding day was perfect.


On the day coordination sees us working with couples’ months in advance to liaise with their booked wedding suppliers and coordinate their day. We love that the couple can sit back and enjoy their day. The boys go off fishing, swimming, play a game of golf, play pool and have a few beers whilst the girls drink bubbles, eat cheese and be pampered whilst we do the ‘dirty work’ so to speak. We are yet to walk off a wedding site not sweaty, dusty, muddy, blood blisters, blisters on our feet, barely able to walk and just smelly!



Wedding Planners

We want our brides to be pampered and smiling all day knowing they can turn up and everything is under control. – Photo- Life and Love Photography Hairdresser – Rolling Scissors.


When I say we can be on site on the day for 15 hours plus I mean it. We will help catering teams and bar staff to clear and clean, wash up, help carry drinks from the cold room, work with the MC all night to keep them on track with the run sheet we have supplied, support guests when they need help. Just recently I was just about to leave after a loooong day when a guest cut themselves with a glass. Let’s say there was a lot of worried people and a LOT of blood and vomiting. It was a nasty cut that meant I had to turn from wedding planner into ‘paramedic’ yet I don’t do blood well at all but that when adrenaline kicks in and you just gotta do what you gotta do. After a trip to hospital he was ok and was stitched up but I on the other hand was in bed the whole next day sick myself. Most likely shock as I don’t do blood and had been on site almost 20 hours by the time I left. Not so glamorous but crisis was averted and panic was overcome with calm with us on site. Though it was a long day I was so thrilled to receive a phone call from the bride thanking us for all our hard work and knowing she called all the suppliers from her wedding. It’s the small things like a simple phone call that make it all worthwhile in knowing we helped a couple along with their family and friends make memories to last a lifetime.


Wedding Planners

When you call the big guns (Amy) in and have a 3rd person site just ensures the day goes off without a hitch. We will always ensure there is enough people on site to cover your day.


Being a wedding planner can be tough at times, its exhilarating and exciting all in one. You give up your weekends, small business is not easy, constant bartering of pricing, being on your feet ALL day and night, dealing with emergencies, ensuring the safety of guests, working with industry suppliers can make for gruelling yet satisfying work. It’s the satisfaction that keeps me going, the lovely couples we can help and all the fantastic suppliers we get to work with. It’s always a team effort when we are around. Our job is made easier when working with professional wedding industry folks and is why we have a full list of recommended suppliers we like to liaise with and know will excel for your wedding day.

Wedding Planners

A slightly wet wedding with these lovely ladies and Adriana Watson Photography.


So next time that person says to us we would love to be a wedding planner we nod and smile and hope they follow their dream if that what it is!



Wedding Planners

A beautiful beachside wedding that threw us a curveball with showers on and off and a looming intense storm!!! We juggled it and made it and just beat the storm- because we work quickly!!!! One very happy bride.


Wedding Planners


Wedding Planners


Wedding Planners

We too can look glamorous! Thanks to Tara Lee Photography making us shine!


Emily and Adrian’s Autumn Love Fest

Sunshine Coast Hinterland- April 2019

Emily and Adrian married on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in April this year. Emily managed to plan majority of her wedding all the way from Darwin where they were living at the time. With family and friends on the Sunshine Coast it was the perfect place to be married and eventually become their new home!

Emily and Adrian opted for a Tipi style wedding overlooking the beautiful Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast from Maleny Retreat Weddings in Maleny.

I leant very quickly Em and Adrian were NOT traditionalists at all. Following the ceremony, guests headed up to the reception site for a grazing table which was the perfect start for their small intimate wedding of 50. Once the couple arrived back from photos they offered ‘cocktail hour’. Let’s say in that hour Ashlea from The Vintage Bondwood Bar based here on the Sunshine Coast was busy shaking and making espresso martinis!! With everyone feeling relaxed and comfortable after some cocktails everyone headed in under the Tipi’s were all styling and set up was done by US of course, Maple Weddings and Events also based here on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

To set the tone of the styling and to tie in with the Boho Tipi look was Nat’s exceptional earthy florals from Heavenly Blooms also based here on the Sunshine Coast. Everyone on the Sunshine Coast knows that Heavenly Blooms and the Tipi’s from Tipi Luxe just go like 2 peas in a pod.

Guests were treated to a feast of shared plates by VGC Catering where they could sit back and relax and enjoy their fine cuisines with No rush as NO formalities at all!! No cake cutting, no speeches, no first dance and ME as the MC for a whopping 2 minutes to run through some housekeeping and make a toast to the lovely couple. NO wedding traditions in the slightest!! They made it their own special wedding which was every bit them.

Once everyone’s bellies were full they surprised guests with a 20 min performance from Utopian Fire Dancers whom performed an epic show, then everyone danced the night away under the Maleny skies.

Emily and Adrian knew living interstate and organising the wedding on the day would be chaotic and decided to book Maple Weddings and Events to be their on the day coordinator and set up all the styling. They knew they could breathe easy and enjoy their moment without any troubles with us on site to coordinate and liaise with all their wonderful wedding suppliers.

Each wedding we do whether it is here on the Sunshine Coast or elsewhere is unique and memorable. Every wedding is so different and that is what we love most about our job. Nothing is ever the same and couples like Emily and Adrian put their own personal touches on everything.

Even though Emily and Adrian married almost 6 months ago they left an impact on us all as wedding suppliers who helped them, mostly as they were so down to earth and truly genuine people who were just so thankful.

Their beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland DIY wedding was so much fun even for the suppliers. You know how awesome the couple is when the wedding planner and photographer take to the dance floor with guests and get their groove on!! Everyone was clapping and cheering and was a real celebration of much fun and laughter.

Not only is Bec from Ash and Stone Photography a cracker on the dance floor she is bloody amazing at what she does. We asked Emily why they chose Bec and her comments are below so be sure to read on. You will see why they chose her in the following images to come!

As wedding planners, wedding stylists and wedding on the day coordination we loved every part of this wedding. Emily and Adrian got to share their day with Adrian’s beautiful daughter Kayleigh, their family and family and friends from far and wide and of course the wedding suppliers who all brought their A game and made it every bit fabulous.

We love reminiscing about our weddings especially when they are the DIY weddings and on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland- our home- so for us we love to go back and chat to the couple afterwards. They have time to reflect on their day, look through their photos and videos again and brings all those amazingly happy memories back to life again. So, we asked Em a few questions to see what her overall experience was like and hope it helps those couples planning a DIY wedding.

Maple Weddings and Events
How did you manage organising and planning the bulk of your wedding interstate?

I started with an excel spreadsheet and ticked things off as we booked vendors and added things we forgot along the way. I loved planning the wedding, it was a great experience. I spent a lot of time searching online and placed my trust in the vendors we chose and it paid off. Everyone was excellent, I could not fault a thing.

How did you find majority of your wedding suppliers?

The Brides Tree, Instagram and Facebook. Most suppliers have great social media accounts and lots of photos from events they have been a part of. The members of The Brides Tree gave me a lot of great recommendations and from there I looked for vendors that suited our style and the vibe we wanted to create.

We always suggest to couples to really research their celebrant and photographers as they are so personal. What made you decide to choose Annie your celebrant and Bec your photographer?

A celebrant was the hardest vendor to choose, until I found Annie. We really wanted someone who was just like us and our friends. We wanted our ceremony to be fun and Annie really had a style we loved.

Bec is amazing! Her photography captures the moment, not just a pose. Although we did pose – a little. Once I found Bec’s website I knew she was the right person for us. And once I met her, WOW! She really was a big part of making our wedding day amazing.

Did you find planning a DIY wedding stressful?

No, I loved the creative freedom. However, on the day I felt quite stressed until you and Naomi arrived. If there was one thing I would recommend to any Bride and Groom – Maple Weddings and Events. A wedding planner or coordinator is the difference between having a stressful wedding day and having the wedding day you wanted.

What was the most memorable part of your day?

Once I put my dress on and it was just my Dad and I nervously drinking the last of the sparkling pinot noir waiting to walk down the aisle. It was such a great feeling knowing it was just about to happen. There is a lot that goes into getting you to that moment, not just in planning a wedding but in your life. It felt really nice.

Maple Weddings and Events
Would you advise other couples to book an on the day coordinator?

Absolutely! Who knew you needed to consider things like extension cords, running out of firewood and beer! You had all these things under control without me even knowing or it being a problem.

What advice would you offer to those couples planning a wedding?

Do it your way. We didn’t follow any wedding traditions, no speeches, no cake cutting, no first dance – though there was a lot of dancing, no throwing the bridal bouquet, we didn’t do anything that we didn’t want to. We really wanted our wedding to be about great food, great music, lots of drinks and a great time. It had all those things and more.

Would you change anything about your day now we 6 months on?

Not a thing!

Maple Weddings and Events
Do you have any lasting advice for other couples getting ready to get married?

Get a planner or coordinator and enjoy your day! It only happens once.
Don’t spend too much time or energy worrying about anything. If the flowers aren’t quite right it won’t ruin your day. If the cake is the wrong color you still get to marry your soul mate with all your closest friends and family. I gave creative freedom to my vendors, because this is what they do, they are professionals. I didn’t know what flowers Nat was going to bring on the day but WOW, she brought the best! It was actually exciting not knowing exactly what to expect, it added to the fun!

The amazing team of suppliers who brought Emily and Adrian’s Tipi wedding to life here on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

  • Venue – Maleny Retreat Weddings
  • Tipi/dance floor/Lighting- Tipi Luxe
  • On the Day Coordination & Styling- Maple Weddings and Events
  • Furniture Hire and Linen- Hampton Event Hire
  • Florals- Heavenly Blooms
  • Celebrant- Celebrant Lady Love- Annie
  • Photography- Ash and Stone Photography
  • Bar Service- The Vintage Bondwood Bar
  • Catering- VGC Catering
  • Wedding Cake- Sweet P Cakes and Cookies
  • Hair- Evalyn Parsons Hair
  • Make Up- Dolly May Make Up Artist
  • Emily’s Bridal Dress – Sphere Collective
  • Adrian’s Suit- Peter Jackson
  • Entertainment- Utopian Fire
  • Musician- Ryan Giles
  • Bathroom Hire- Portable Powder Rooms
  • Cold room Hire- Fairy-tale Events and Equip4Hire




Florists | Wedding Flowers

Woods and Bloom

Woods and Bloom

Look I am no florist and couldn’t tell you the difference between a daisy and a peony! Though I am learning each wedding and I must say it’s very fascinating. I might even go and do a course yet!! What I can tell you though is flowers play a role in your wedding or special event no matter what the scale. For some, flowers are an integral part of the makeup and styling of your wedding whereas for some a simple bouquet and some bud vases are enough.



We have been fortunate to work with many amazingly talented florists here on the Sunshine Coast and can assure you that you can’t go wrong with any of them. Being small businesses, they take pride in what they do and are all very passionate about making your day spectacular and providing options to suit your budget.

Heavenly Blooms

Heavenly Blooms

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of all these women in small business is PASSION. Each owner and their staff are passionate about what they create and play an important role in your day. I follow all these people on social media and every single post you read you can see the passion and dedication in every arrangement they make. They work with you from start to finish and are proud when they hand over the finished product for you and you guests to enjoy.

The Posy Co

The Posy Co

Often people think wedding flowers are expensive and can be put off having an abundance however these women are committed to making your day special and will be able to offer suggestions to suit your budget. Sunshine Coast florists- or any florist in fact, are great at budgeting!! They can reduce the size of certain arrangements or substitute different aspects and inform you of what will be in season at that time. Let’s be real no one likes to have to fork out a hefty amount for anything however don’t forget though like any business these florists have overheads, purchasing of the products, wages and of course their time. They will create a concept with you, and this can take time and can sometimes end up in millions of emails and phone calls which is time away from their families, they are up at 2am to get to markets at 4am to then start working on making up your beautiful flowers for your wedding day. Then they must travel to get them to you and often can mean 2-3 differing spots to ensure everyone has what they need. There are countless hours spent creating and putting together so bear this in mind when you are thinking budget. They all have mortgages to pay too!! Essentially they will be one supplier you will be very thankful to on your one special day.

Poppy Lane Flowers By Design

Poppy Lane Flowers By Design

Each of these Sunshine Coasts florists can visualise your dream and are super creative. They will blend colours, textures, heights and other factors I am sure- like I said I am no florist – to get the composition exactly as you want it. I know some of these women personally and know they don’t sleep at night thinking about all these elements and ensuring your dream does become a reality. They put a lot pressure on themselves as you are literally carrying their work and it’s on display to everyone. Their work will be captured in photos and videos and will last a lifetime. To them perfection is paramount.

Ginger Lily and Rose

Ginger Lily and Rose

Before you start planning your ceremony and reception you really should work on your bouquets and buttonholes. This is what is on display the whole time and will be in many photos on the day. If you know the colour of your bridal party this will help capture the tones and colours that your florist can create with. Some women like a beautiful headpiece. Out with the tiara and veil these days as many women are donning the gorgeous flower crown and making a statement. It’s your day so own it!

Magnolia Grove Flowers

Magnolia Grove Flowers

Now that the colours have been chosen the florist will work with you and your stylist, if you have booked one, to design your ceremony and reception. Think ceremony first. For most everyone thinks of the reception as its party time BUT the ceremony is where you and your partner making a life time commitment this is the most important part and where many photos and videos are captured. Some venues do not need a lot in terms of flowers however some venues offer a blank canvas which is where your florist will create and make it all come to life. Perhaps flowers on an arbour if you are using one, on the chairs, along the aisle, on a stand, a pew, a plinth, on your signage and easel.

Blooms of Noosa

Blooms of Noosa

Twig and Grace

Twig and Grace

Now the ceremony is over its time to move onto the reception!! Determining flowers for the reception will be dependent on several factors- is it inside or outside or both, cocktail style or sit down, if its sit down is it alternate drop or shared feasting as this can take up quite a lot of room on tables, rectangle tables, circle tables the list goes on. For me personally I do love a hanging installation. It sets the mood, its elegant, it’s beautiful, it encapsulates your day and all the flowers that have been utilized throughout the day and is a focus point meaning you can avoid large centrepieces for the tables and make more room available for the all-important food and drinks! But again, what do I know I am not a florist and I am sure they are all screaming at me now as hanging installs are not easy and do take some time with ‘rigging’ it all and climbing ladders and scaffold to hang them! But they do look beautiful!!

Mondo Floral Designs

Mondo Floral Designs

Ok so you get flowers will be at some point be apart of your day whether its small or large scale and now you want to know who I am talking about. The following is a list of the beautifully, creative and spectacularly talented Sunshine Coast florists we have had the privilege of working with at some point. They are in no particular order so be sure to click on their links and check out their websites. Don’t be afraid to send an initial enquiry the price won’t always scare you and these ladies are fantastic at what they do. You only get married once (hopefully!) so create, design and make it beautiful.

The Orange Blossom

The Orange Blossom

Please note – photo credits are all thanks to the florist’s direct website or social media pages.

WillowBud –

Heavenly Blooms –

The Posy Co –

Poppy Lane Flowers By Design –

Ginger Lily and Rose –

Mondo Floral Designs –

Twig and Grace –

Blooms of Noosa –

The Orange Blossom –

Woods and Bloom –

Magnolia Grove Flowers –


Caravan Bars

Roll in and Roll Out…

The Vintage Bondwood Bar

You have selected the wedding date, Sunshine Coast venue, dress, flowers and all the other exciting elements to planning your wedding. Then suddenly you realise you don’t have a bar. Let’s be honest people love a wedding WITH a bar!!

Head Over Wheels (Bart is also a Vinyl DJ so book your DJ and bar all in the one spot!)

One increasingly popular option especially for your Sunshine Coast DIY wedding is the caravan bar. They offer an aesthetic aspect to your Tipi, Marquee, Yurt or Tent style wedding along with flexibility.

Olive & Co

Of course, some mobile catering companies will offer a bar service with their package however for those that don’t or for anyone seeking that wedding festival feel you need to look at securing a caravan bar FAST!

Gathering Events

Tinker Traveling Events w Kim

Tinker Traveling Events w Kim

Essentially caravan bars will offer the following if not more –

  • BYO drinks – Yes that’s right you can purchase all your alcohol and stock your cold-room ready for service. Check with your supplier as majority of liquor stores will purchase the alcohol back that you don’t use. Bargain! Not left with alcohol and can get money back. That doesn’t happen often!
  • Freedom – You get to choose the drinks menu. Choose what you want for YOUR wedding. Personalise it and create a wedding around you and your partner not a venue!
  • No Per head costs – You have guests not drinking alcohol but must pay for them? Not fair!! Choosing a caravan bar allows you to pre-purchase your own drinks which means anyone having a non-alcoholic beverage you don’t have to pay and exuberant amount for.
  • Flat Rates – Caravan Bars will charge a flat fee. This will usually include set up and pack down along with their hours of service offering different hourly packages to suit your needs.
  • Insurance – Your van supplier will be insured and have all the relevant licenses such as RSA so you know you are in safe hands with professionals taking care of all the legalities.
  • Equipment – The Van will come fully equipped with glassware and any other utensils or tools that you may need. Thus, meaning you don’t have to worry about dry hiring and they will look after all the cleaning so no glass cleaning for you!
  • Bar tenders – The Van will come with staff, so you don’t need to worry about booking staff they come with the Van!
  • Guidance – The friendly staff will offer expert advice in the lead up to determine how much you will need and offer suggestions on what to serve. They are at events all the time and will know what works and doesn’t or what is popular or not. Having an expert professional on board can help keep your costs down.
  • Coffee – Some Vans, not all, so check with them first, have a coffee machine onboard. Meaning you don’t have to worry about dry hire for an urn, filling it, tea/coffee, cups and saucers. Its all there set up and ready in the van.
  • The Look – Caravan Bars offer a look to that will fit with your wedding. Each van has its own personality whether it be vintage, rustic, modern, boho.

The Vintage Bondwood Bar

When you get the feel, the look, staff, glassware, freedom, BYO which all equates to flexibility and less stress why wouldn’t you book one of these beautiful options?!

For the most part Caravan Bars will travel however we have some extortionary good looking Caravan Bars here on the Sunshine Coast who all come with highly professional, attentive and not to mention fun staff.

The Chevy Bar

We have had the pleasure of working with a few here on the Sunshine Coast and would highly recommend you get in touch if a caravan bar sounds like what you need.

  • The Vintage Bondwood Bar
  • Head Over Wheels
  • Tinker Traveling Events
  • Gathering Events
  • Lani and Lola
  • Olive & Co
  • The Chevy Bar (Not quite a caravan but similar concept and looks amazing!)



Why use Maple Weddings and Events?

We can help you Plan your Wedding

Weddings are a lot of work, are time consuming, expensive and can be extremely overwhelming. For most people this is their first time to wed so it’s a whole new learning experience. We at Maple want to help you navigate your way and make the process less daunting, painful and most of all fun for you. But who is Maple Weddings and Events you ask?

Photo Credit – Bliss Photography by Leah

You may not have heard of Maple Weddings and Events as it was only founded this year by ME – Kristy Aitken. Some may recognise me from my working as the venue manager at an award-winning wedding venue for 18 months on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

This is ME!

Flowers by WillowBud Flowers – Sunshine Coast

Prior to obtaining my qualifications in events, venues and business management and working within the wedding industry I owned a successful exclusive recruitment agency in Brisbane (placing nannies abroad for one of the Royal families) for over 8 years. Twelve months into my business I employed and befriended the amazing Laura. We are known to family, friends and our clients back then as the ‘dynamic duo’!! When you find someone as professional, enthusiastic, energetic, loving, passionate and fun as Laura you keep them! She is my rock, balance and sounding board.

Dynamic Duo – Kristy and Laura

After only a short time Maple have expanded seeing our newest team member Naomi joining us. Naomi is a qualified events leader and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Maple along with her creativeness. Naomi is an integral part of our team as she will be our lead stylist who will help to create the magic for your day.

Naomi completing the Trifecta package! Naomi with Kristy

From the dynamic duo to the perfect trifecta the Maple team bring countless weddings and hours of experience to Maple and can not wait to work with you.

With both Kristy and Naomi based on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Laura on the Gold Coast we have you covered from the Sunshine Coast all the way through to the Gold Coast even down to the Byron Bay region.

The Maple team all enjoy the outdoors with beaches and mountains on both our door steps of the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast we love spending time with our families, as we do have 8 kids between us! Given we all love being outside and amongst nature we do love the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and working with established venues through to private properties.

Glasshouse Mountains

Glass House Mountains – Sunshine Coast

Now you know the faces behind Maple how can we help you?

As wedding planners, we can help you plan your wedding from start to finish or just coordinate on the day. We have built up a fabulous rapport with many suppliers especially on the Sunshine Coast so have an extensive list of recommended vendors along with that ever-important checklist. If you are keen to get in and do a lot yourself our checklist will ensure you have everything covered. We will ensure all details are met in the lead up to your big day by conversing with all suppliers and making sure everything is locked in and your run sheet finalised for the day. Most importantly we will be there for the most part of your wedding day to ensure your day is a seamless, smooth sailing day for you. From moving the arbour, packing up chairs, lighting candles, bumping suppliers in, stoking the fire, keeping you hydrated and anything else that pops up we want you to sit back, relax and enjoy making memories with your loved ones.

Fire by Tipi Luxe – Sunshine Coast

You have a vision along with your vision board of pictures you have collated from Pinterest. Now you don’t know what to do. This is where Naomi can help you! OR you aren’t sure what you want? This is where Naomi can help!
Regardless of where you are at with your vision and style Naomi will be here to help you as our curator. Naomi is extremely talented, passionate and above all creative!

At Maple we will provide the perfectly planned and styled wedding however to achieve this there needs to be furniture, décor, tents, catering and more. Ensuring your vision comes to life we can utilize some of our own hire equipment or we will connect with local suppliers that have the exact hire equipment we need to ensure your wedding comes alive.

Naomi is so creative she even makes decorations!

We mentioned weddings can be expensive. You throw the word ‘wedding’ in and boom the prices go up! For some couples they believe their budget won’t allow for a planner, stylist or both. However, at Maple we strive to meet your budget and at times even come in under budget. Given we have some fantastic suppliers based on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast we can provide reasonably priced quotes. By hiring Maple Weddings and Events we can at times save you money not to mention the stress and your sanity! We don’t want you divorced before you are married!!!

As a new business to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane regions we have some amazing specials which will save you even more money so be sure to contact us for information on what we can offer and what specials we can provide for you.

Initially my vision when starting Maple was to only offer planning. Why? Because I’m organised and well I thought that would be enough!! Only a few short months in we now offer styling and here at Maple we never say NEVER. So, watch this space as we continue to evolve and grow just as you will with your forever partner.

We look forward to working with you whether it be Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Gold Coast or Brisbane.

Grazing Station – Parma Street Foods– Sunshine Coast

Gorgeous Mt Glorious Wedding Venue – Brisbane

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DIY Wedding – Marquee Style

It’s no secret DIY weddings are becoming the latest trend in the wedding world. DIY weddings offer couples the freedom to choose their own suppliers, the room to inject their own personality and creativity and of course, to work with vendors who offer to work within budget, with the average cost of an Australian wedding costing upwards of $30,000.

Maple Weddings and Events work with you as your wedding planner to ensure that your DIY wedding in infused with you and tailor packages to suit. We take the pressure off, keep costs within budget and have established relationships with the best and most innovative suppliers on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

DIY Wedding

The Sunshine Coast is renowned for weddings and there are a pleathora of DIY options on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast Hinterland and on private properties. Maple Weddings and Events are industry leaders in planning and styling weddings and events and have an established knowledge of Sunshine Coast and Hinterland properties and venues.

As a DIY wedding the first service to call upon after selecting your venue is organising your ‘structure’. The marquee originated in England in the early 1900’s making it one of the most traditional style wedding structures. The marquee can pose as a formal and elegant ‘tent’ for a 3 course sit down dinner, a cocktail affair with canapes or an uber-modern informal affair with food trucks and lounges. As your wedding and event planner based on the Sunshine Coast we highly regard the ‘Fairytale Events and Equip 4 Hire’ team for their attention to detail, professionalism and well-priced hire packages.

DYI Wedding

DYI Wedding

Your wedding planner will help bring your vision to life whether it be in a white or clear marquee with fairy lights, festoon lighting, wine barrels, dance floor, florals and decorations. The wedding planning team will bring your Fairytale Events and Equip 4 Hire marquee into your wedding palace.

Maple Weddings and Events planning and styling can customise your marquee with a huge range of hire items offered by Fairy Tale and Equip 4 Hire. From tables, chairs, dance floor and wine barrels to themed décor, cold room hire and loads more options.

DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding

By using who we consider the best Sunshine Coast marquee company, in conjunction with our Sunshine Coast wedding and event planning services, we are able to offer:

  • Delivery and collection service at flexible times to suit everyone
  • Party planning tools to help you choose the right equipment for your needs
  • Friendly, helpful advice to ensure your event is a success
  • The ability to source and hire from the one provider
  • Agents for the Coast’s top caterers, decorators and AV technicians

Equip 4 Hire are renowned for:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Quality equipment
  • Minimal and easy paperwork
  • Reliability
  • Peace of mind
DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding

We Provide Added Peace of Mind by:

  • Emailing you photos of the equipment you’re interested in upon request
  • Guaranteeing you the items chosen upon receipt of your deposit
  • Delivering &/or setting up your equipment 1 or 2 days before your function to give you plenty of time to decorate or simply “feel organised” (No extra charge for these days)
  • Ensuring you are delighted with what is supplied before we leave
  • Supplying you with an emergency phone number in case you need additional equipment or need further assistance with your items

All marquee photos supplied by Equip 4 Hire FairyTale Events Direct website.

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