Choose your wedding stylist with an unequivocal YES! The most compatible stylist for you and your partner will give you both a confident feeling that they will deliver exactly what you want for your special day.

Your consultation with them is very much an interview, so you should come prepared with a list of questions for them. A well-rounded list of questions will cover all of the bases, and the answers should fill you with excitement, plus lift a burden off of your shoulders.

Read on before you meet with your stylist.

1. What Is Your Experience Level as a Wedding Stylist?

Ask what your wedding stylist’s experience level is to get a grasp on topics like these:

  • How many weddings have you planned
  • What was their budget
  • How elaborate was their wedding
  • Which was your favourite wedding to plan and why

The answers to these questions are a great way to get to know them professionally.

2. Is Our Wedding Date Available?

Your wedding date was probably chosen for a very specific reason. Inquiring as to whether the stylist’s calendar is open for your chosen date could be a deciding factor as to whether you will hire them or not. If they were highly recommended to you, they may be willing to work with your schedule to accommodate you as best they can.

3. What Is Your Rate?

Budget is a factor for many weddings. Yet it is quite a freeing feeling to be able to say that budget is no issue. This gives your wedding stylist the freedom to create exactly what you envision for your special day with no restrictions.

What are the different packages your stylist offers? The “budget is no issue” wedding may not need to nail down which package is best suited for the couple whereas weddings that are on a budget may wish to choose their package.

Packages may range from having the wedding stylist’s assistance only on the wedding day to orchestrate the event, to a mid-range involvement on their part, or to giving them full control over the planning process.

Choosing which package best suits you and your needs may come down to budget or could depend on how much time you personally have to put in and how much you desire to be a part of the planning. Sometimes it is a relief and blessing to just leave it all to the professionals. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming to some people.

4. How Much of the Process Do You Handle?

What are you personally looking for in a wedding stylist? Are you hoping to hand over as many responsibilities as possible? Or, would you rather have them there as a professional guide as you choose your own wedding fleet of worker bees?

Choosing a stylist that takes care of everything might cover hiring people like these:

  • Florist
  • Photographer
  • DJ or Band
  • Venue

Unless you already have a special florist, photographer, entertainment, and venue in mind, your stylist may be able to guide you as you choose one rather than leaving it all in their hands.

5. Do You Have a Full Staff?

Planning every detail of a wedding can be a lot for one person. When the stylist has reliable staff members, they can delegate responsibilities from the to-do list so that they are not carrying the full burden on their shoulders.

Having staff also gives them a back-up plan in the unfortunate event that they fall ill or become injured during the planning of your wedding.

6. How Do We Communicate?

As a couple who is getting married knows, communication is key! Confirming how/when you will communicate with your wedding stylist will let you both know which route of communication is expected and acceptable. Otherwise, ideas could be lost, missed, or start to get overwhelming.

When you wake up in the middle of the night wondering about the details of your wedding, such as the following, you will want to talk to your stylist about them:

  • Wedding flowers
  • Wedding colours
  • Wedding tables capes
  • Wedding trends

Being able to communicate your questions and concerns through e-mail is great because it can be a quick and easy way to convey things that are on your mind. But, speaking over the phone or in-person gives a more immediate response to your queries. Both have their place in planning a wedding.

7. How Many Weddings Do You Work on at Once?

Every couple wants to know that their big day will be pulled off without a hitch and that they will be made to feel extra special on the day of the wedding, knowing that your stylist has enough time to dedicate the necessary attention to your wedding.

8. How Organised and Thorough Are You?

It takes an incredibly organised individual (and staff) to pull off a faultless event. Asking a pointed question such as this will either have them bragging up their skillset or fumbling over their words. Either way, you will know if they are the stylist for you, or not.

9. Have You Ever Planned a Wedding at Our Venue?

Though it is not a requirement for your stylist to have previously planned a wedding at your venue, it can be a helpful bonus. Being familiar with the venue gives them the upper hand on knowing the staff, venue layout, what they do (and do not) provide, measurements of the room, etc.

Some wedding stylists prefer to only work with specific venues because they have formed a relationship with them, and working with venues that they are not familiar with can bring a negative experience on their behalf and yours.

10. What Is Your Vision for Our Wedding?

Towards the end of the meeting with your stylist, ask what their professional vision is for your wedding day to drive home whether they are a good match for you and your partner or whether you should move on to the next stylist if their vision is not inspiring enough for you.

Big Plans for the Big Day

Has this article helped you become more confident about meeting with your wedding stylist? Write your questions down before meeting with your stylist to help you stay on track and make sure that all of your concerns are covered.

If you are still searching for stylists, reach out to Maple Weddings and Events to schedule a meeting with Kristi and Naomi. This dynamic duo and their team will help you turn your dream wedding into a dreamy reality!