Planning your wedding day can be overwhelming, but you don’t want the details of your entertainment to get left out. After all, you must dance the night away with your new spouse.

Choosing the right wedding entertainment can help your wedding day run smooth and stress-free.

Will you choose a live band or DJ? There are tons of factors you need to consider before making your final decision.

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on the six tips you need to know for choosing the perfect wedding entertainment in Brisbane.

1. Think About Your Venue

One of the first things you must do when thinking about wedding entertainment ideas for your wedding in Brisbane is to consider your venue. The size of your venue can help determine whether you want to have live entertainment or would rather hire a DJ for your wedding.

For example, a small venue could be challenging to accommodate a full-size band. It might even create a noise level that is too powerful and overwhelming for your guests. Instead, you could hire a single musician for a more intimate gathering.

If you are having a larger wedding, you might even prefer the ease of a DJ. You can choose your music, and the DJ can help be the voice to move you and your guests through the night.

2. Don’t Choose the Most Inexpensive Option

While choosing wedding entertainment to fit your budget is smart, don’t choose the first thing that comes your way. Your wedding music and entertainment shouldn’t be something you look for to help trim your budget.

Looking for the most inexpensive option will typically result in a less than satisfactory outcome. You get what you pay for is always the case.

Instead, make sure you do your research and talk with each vendor before making your final decision. Be sure that they offer the services you want to have at your wedding.

Looking for bands or DJs that already have wedding experience is essential. While a local band could cost much less, they aren’t going to know how to play for a wedding crowd.

3. Consider Wedding Dinner Music

Dinner is a huge part of any wedding reception, and you don’t want too much awkward silence. Instead, you want there to be music in the background of your reception to help fill the space.

One thing couples consider doing is hiring both a DJ and a live band for their special day. The live band can come for an hour to welcome your guests and play while they eat a delicious dinner. Live entertainment is exceptional for background music because it can be soothing and gives people something enjoyable to listen to while eating.

After dinner, the DJ can move the reception along with some more upbeat and popular songs that your guests will recognize. Doing this can help to get your reception party started.

Be sure to talk with your wedding planner and see what they recommend about hiring multiple forms of wedding entertainment for your special day.

4. Watch a Live Act

Are you stuck choosing between different bands or DJs for your big day? One of the easiest ways to choose your wedding entertainment is by seeing them perform live.

On paper, a live band or DJ might seem like the best option. They could check all the boxes you’re looking for to fit the needs of your wedding day. Yet, when you see them in person, they might not be what you thought they were.

By seeing potential wedding entertainment in action, you can judge how they interact with the audience, how they excite a crowd, and their overall stage presence. Doing this will help to see who the best fit for your wedding entertainment will be.

5. Craft Your Wedding Music Playlist

A primary difference between a DJ and a live band is that you can have more freedom with your wedding music. A DJ can help you craft the perfect wedding music playlist. You can work on choosing songs that you and your guests will want to listen to throughout the night.

While a live band can play songs that you enjoy, their playlists can be limited.

Once you’ve decided on your wedding entertainment for the night, you should work with them to figure out your wedding dance music. Your guests will love busting a move on the dance floor, so pick some songs that get everyone up and moving.

One of the best things to do is to create a “do not play” list. Doing this will help your DJ or live band know which songs you don’t want to hear on your special day.

6. Scope Out Reviews

The last tip in choosing the best wedding entertainment for the most magical day of your life is to scope out reviews. Whether you decide to go with a live band or DJ, be sure to look for reviews from other people who have worked with them.

The company can tell you how great they are, but can you take their word for it? Do an online search for them and see what reviews you can find regarding their services.

It is crucial to make sure that other wedding parties had a good time with their wedding entertainment services before making your final decision. You want to be sure that the vendors are on time, upbeat, listen to requests, and so much more before working with them.

Choosing Your Wedding Entertainment

As you can see, a lot goes into choosing the perfect wedding entertainment for your big day. Whether you prefer a live band or a DJ, it is up to you and your taste preferences.

Either way, you and your guests will be having a blast dancing the night away and creating lots of exceptional memories together.

If you’re looking for a wedding planner that can help manage all the details of your special day, look no further. We are ready to take on any wedding, no matter the size. Be sure to check out our packages to see which ones will fit your needs for your big day!